VPS Hosting

Our virtual private servers provide the perfect balance of flexibility, control, upgradability, and affordability, enabling you to tailor your server environment to your specific needs with low-latency connectivity and robust protection.

Package CPU NVME RAM Action
Starter $$8.00/mo 1x vCPU Core 35 GB NVME 2GB DDR4 RAM Order Now
Low $15.00/mo 2x vCPU Core 50 GB NVME 4GB DDR4 RAM Order Now
Midium $27.00/mo 3x vCPU Core 60 GB NVME 8GB DDR4 RAM Order Now
High $38.00/mo 4x vCPU Core 100 GB NVME 16GB DDR4 RAM Order Now
Package CPU NVME RAM Action
Starter $20.20/mo 2x vCPU Core 30 GB NVME 2GB DDR4 RAM Order Now
Medium $6.65/mo 2x vCPU Core 45 GB NVME 4GB DDR4 RAM Order Now
Medium $9.65/mo 2x vCPU Core 45 GB NVME 4GB DDR4 RAM Order Now
Medium $12.65/mo 2x vCPU Core 45 GB NVME 4GB DDR4 RAM Order Now

Easy to use control panel

We are offering a clean and easy control panel for our game hosting, with all the feature you need.

  • FTP login
  • Browser file management
  • Restart your server

Simplified OS Installations

Install Your Own OS

Want to run your own OS? Provide our team with your own ISO and we'll run the installation procedure on your behalf.


Choose from a variety of Linux operating systems available as one-click installs using our powerful control suite.


TRIAL/LICENSE. We can install Windows 2022 on your VPS with a trial or license.

Why choose AstralNode?

Here are some of the reasons why our hosting services are right for you.

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99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We offer high overall availability of 99.9% or greater by basing our hosting infrastructure in only the industry's best datacenters with the most reliable uplinks.

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24/7 Support

It's unacceptable to wait hours, possibly days, for a response to support requests. Our customers receive an average ticket response time of <10 minutes.

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Instant Setup

Following the placement of an order, a provisioning process starts automatically. Your new hosting service will be online and available for use in minutes.

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NVMe SSD Storage

Most of our systems use NVMe SSDs, which are more than seven times faster than traditional SSDs, translating to significantly reduced loading times.

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Fast Processors

Our hosting network is now built on the latest Ryzen and Xeon E-series CPUs with speeds of up to 4.6GHz, resulting in unmatched game server performance.

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Free DDoS Protection

Our Miami location provides DDoS protection from Path.net allowing us to have a capacity of 10Tbps+ for continued redundancy.